Summary of events since the creation of this site…

August 24, 2015

Hello everybody!

After endless delays due to impossible weather this site will finally show off on line … and rather than take the result of the work of my excellent fellow webmaster I’ll just make a summary of the activity since his last publication … awaiting its on line launching, which can only be imminent…

Berlin so … Super salon, great way to meet with musicians and potential distributors, small soundproof rooms for tests with the musicians galore, beautiful circulation spaces, nice crowd, but when comes the time of counting money and results, any established contacts, even with some very intrested berlin shop who convert possible order of a couple of guitarsand severa sets of pickups in “one pickup” as a test and at discount price , if not free, as a test buy.. because you know I was just an “out of the blue luthier”… so not sure considering the distance, costs and tiredness are worth to do it again. Super salon anyway

After Berlin, … a lot of work especially on pickups … after the replica of BISONIC Hagstrom, I applied the same recipe to P90 and mini humbuckers and as it worked as the fire god (in french) ( see videos), I started making Bass humbucker for Mike Watt, luthiers Deimel Frank and Philippe Clain (, such minis for the Belgian luthier Hilko (

 In the next series and in the same spirit there will also be a replay of PAF the same way…

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