Hey Roger! speaking of the crestwood, I haven’t seen the real thing ‘live’ but it does look like a clone. I’m sure it will serve me well in my quest for perfect rock and roll. Take care!

I have owned a DR ‘Birdman Proto’ for 8 years. I have taken it on tour with Radio Birdman and Deep Reduction, and used it in many recording
sessions including ‘Zeno Beach’. The neck is fairly narrow with a medium radius which suits my hands. The playability is slick and there are no intonation problems. I have never had to adjust the neck in several years.
It is probably the most versatile guitar in my inventory, with a wide range of tones. The 3 pickup arrangement utilising standard vintage SD mini humbuckers in the bridge and neck position and a high output pickup in the middle also gives a range of signal output that yields very favourable touch response, hitting the front of the preamp stage of the amplifier. This gives a spectrum of glassy clean tones through clean drive to hard crunch.
The guitar is beautifully designed. The look is eye catching, unique and very cool, and I get asked constantly about it. People want to know what it is, where I got it etc. It features top quality hand selected wood and the finishing is perfect. All hardware is excellent. Construction is sturdy and I found the guitar to be very roadworthy, bulletproof even under difficult conditions mixing frequent air and van travel with long hard use and abuse. It stays in tune and does not mind getting dropped once in a while. I dont think I could have got a better guitar for twice the price.

I could not be more pleased with my Daguet Crestwood Deluxe. Hand made to order, it is perfectly suited to my playing style. The overall quality of workmanship is nothing short of astounding, a work of art really. Playing it is when the true pleasure begins. It has great feel and the sound is just incredible. Truly, it is an amazing guitar that has, in all regards, exceeded my highest expectations. Without question, this is the most satisfying guitar purchase I have ever made.

Roger, you have built THE most amazing guitar for me. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is truly first class. This guitar goes right to the top of my sizeable collection. I thank you for your hard work and commitment to creating this truly spectacular instrument.

I have a killer handmade Daguet Guitar. Daguet Guitars worked very closely with me on this guitar to customize it to my exacting specifications and I was thrilled with the results. The guitar is based on the Cadillac of Epiphone solid bodies – the Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe. It was the ‘custom’ model with a Bigsby tail-piece. My specific model was Daguet’s ultra limited Birdman model. This includes a wonderful switching system that enables one to use any combination of the two mini-humbuckers (bridge & neck) and the one P-90 (in the middle) pick-ups. The guitar feels great, looks amazing and most importantly sounds killer. Get what you want in a guitar for a reasonable price.